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Bird Watching in Shamley Green

The Shamley Green Bird Watching Group has identified 61 species so far in and around the village, including summer visitors such as whitethroat, garden warbler and chiffchaff, and rarer species such as lesser spotted woodpecker and kingfisher. Click here to see our list for 2021.

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great tit HG JP_edited.jpg

Friendly Great tit 

heron HG JP _edited.jpg


c colmer siskin & goldfinch.jpg
Siskin and Goldfinch, Caroline Colmer Feb 2021
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Baby Tawny Owl

woodpecker HG DL.jpg

Great spotted woodpecker

All these birds have been photographed locally, but it's not easy to get  good photos, so we need your help! We want to build up a gallery of our birds and would love it if you could send us your photos (.jpg format please) and  tell us where you saw them and when.

juvenile robin HG_DL.jpg

Juvenile Robin

Please also tell us about any exciting bird sightings.  2021 sightings included lesser spotted woodpeckers, flocks of linnets, a kingfisher and  two tawny owls spotted in Norley Woods. Let us know about 2022!


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For excellent information about local birds surveyed between 2009 and 2017 in Sandhurst Copse and Sheepwalk, go to