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Veronica chamaedrys, May 22.jpg

Wildflower diary

May 2022

Germander speedwell, Long Common

Lots of things to see around the village in May:


You can't miss the vibrant blue flowers of green alkanet, growing everywhere, like a forget-me-not on steroids! This photo shows both species, with the paler and smaller forget-me-not at the bottom of the picture.

alkanet & forget me not.jpg
Alkanet and forget-me-not on Spring Cottage Green
roadside cow parsley, May22#2.jpg

The roadsides are now full of  familiar cow parsley with its ferny leaves and delicate heads of creamy white flowers.

Lamium galeobdolon May 2022.jpg

Yellow archangel, edge of woods, Lords Hill

Tellima grandiflora, resized May 22.jpg
Fringe cups, woodland edge, Lords Hill
Early purple orchid, Cucknells wood, May 22 resized.jpg
Early purple orchid, Cucknells Wood

Eagle-eyed wildflower enthusiast Hen West spotted early purple orchids amongst the fabulous bluebells of Cucknells Wood. These orchids usually have splodges of dark pigment on their leaves (but not always!) and come in various shades of purple.

Cucknells Wood is really worth a visit, not just for the wildflowers but great for birds as well!

Yellow pimpernel, Cucknells, May 22 resized.jpg
Yellow pimpernel, Cucknells Wood
bugle, Cucknells Wood, Apr 22 resized_edited.jpg
Bugle, Cucknells Wood
Geranium robertianum (resized) May 22.jpg
Herb Robert

Herb Robert is very widespread. It's a tough little plant, its leaves and stems oftening turning a red colour when growing in really poor conditions, and it is one of the longest flowering members of the Geranium family. Its pretty pink flowers are about the size of a 1p piece, and you might even find them in the middle of winter!

Red campion roadside, May 22 resized.jpg
Red campion and dandelions

Goosegrass has been surreptitiously clambering  up the plants surrounding it for weeks now, using its thousands of tiny hooks to cling on to anything and everything. Now at last it is flowering, tiny 4-petalled white flowers which will soon produce sticky fruits which firmly attach themselves to clothing and animal fur.

There are bright patches of Red Campion in the hedgerows and road verges , some with quite pale pink flowers but more commonly they are a rich deep pink colour.

Galium aparine, May 22 resized.jpg
Goosegrass, a.k.a. Cleavers or Sticky Willy
Group of Cowslips.JPG
Cowslips, Bricklayers Green

Delighted to see the cowslips planted on Bricklayers Green last year are doing well, and the Camassia bulbs we put in at Lords Hill are giving a super display too.

Camassia, Lords Hill, resized.jpg
Camassia at Lords Hill
Herb Robert
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