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Moths in Shamley Green

Mother of Pearl moth, Patania ruralis

Shamley Green Moth records 2022 & 2023

As well as being cool for cats, Shamley Green is marvellous for moths! Its main advantage is its lack of streetlights and other high intensity illumination. The surrounding countryside is not intensively farmed and there is plenty of rough grassland and woodland with mature trees, as well as some nice big hedges between village gardens.

Small Elephant Hawk Moth Deilephila porcellus

06-17 Small Elephant Hawk .jpeg
07-16 Heart and Dart.jpeg

Heart and Dart

Agrotis exclamationis

04-12 Lime Hawk Moth.jpg

Lime Hawk Moth

Mimas tiliae

Most moths, at least the males, can fly a few kilometres in a night, so trapping in a village garden should provide, over a few years, a representative sample of the moth population in Shamley Green.

The United Kingdom has, since the 1950’s, recorded and maintained a database of lepidoptera populations in each county. This has proved extremely useful in demonstrating the effect of such things as pollution and climate change on insect populations. This data is submitted by thousands of amateur enthusiasts and painstakingly collated by County Moth Recorders (CMRs) and others onto a National Database accessible to all.

John Portess is one such enthusiast, and we are very grateful to him for his excellent records of moths from his garden in Shamley Green which he has also submitted to the National Database. He has identified an amazing 235 individual species to date, and because many common species have not appeared in the trap yet, plenty of new ones are expected in the coming years.

10-05 Cydalima perspectalis.jpeg
06-08 Blotched Emerald_edited.jpg
10-24 Merveille du Jour.jpg

Box Tree Moth

Cydalima perspactalis

Blotched Emerald Moth

Comibaena bajularia

Merveille du Jour

Griposia aprilina

See our reports page for a comprehensive account of the methods used, and lists of all the species identified. All the great photos on this page are also from John's records.

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