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Keep it Out!

In Shamley Green wouldn’t it be great if we could reduce the amount that potentially goes to landfill from our black bins, and try to make sure that more of it (our unwanted stuff) is reused or repurposed.

Here are some ideas about where some everyday items can go locally. 


Just click on the picture and you will get more information (then click on the X and it will take you back to this selection page).

This is just a small selection of what is available and it is just suggestions. It does not include passing on things to friends and neighbours in Shamley Green or taking your reusable goods to charity shops.  It definitely does not cover all the online options for finding people to give a second home to your unwanted stuff. Any comments or additions are welcome - we are likely to update from time to time

NB These are ideas for keeping things out of our black rubbish bins. It has nothing to do with our blue recycling bins which should be used for recycling bins paper, cardboard, glass, aluminium, metal and most plastic packaging (not soft)

In Waverley small unwanted electrical items, textiles and batteries can be put out next to your kerbside bins in plastic carrier bags and will be collected free of charge: but you have to arrange the collection with Biffa 01252 724157 or online.

Larger items can be taken to the Community Recycling but not in a van! and you also need proof of address in the County.


The Community Recycling Centres CRC’s take everything from textiles, books, bric-a-brac and hard and soft toys right through to hangers, cardboard, and plastics. This includes handbags and belts, clothing and shoes, bedlinen and curtains, duvets and pillows, electrical, bric-a-brac, mobile phones, dvds/cds/pc/console games, ink and toner cartridges, mattresses, old tech, wood, plastic, furniture, garden waste, cardboard, cartons, paint etc etc 

Most of it can be repurposed reused or broken back down to core components ready for remanufacturing. This is far better than potentially sending it to landfill via your black bins. The Waverley Borough ones are Cranleigh (Elmbridge Road) open Saturday Sunday Mondays) or Witley (Rake Lane) open Mon-Sat.

Charity shops are also a great place to take your unwanted stuff in order to pass it on to be reused.  Charity shops ideally like to have items that they can sell on but some charity shops have an arrangement with a company called CTR GROUP and get a rebate for collecting items on their behalf. The rebate is very small and getting smaller so, if you can, it is better to take the items to the local council run Community Recycling Centre (CRC) or arrange a collection with Biffa.

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