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News Winter 2022-2023

Nationwide New Year Plant Hunt dates released

How many wild flowers can you spot in bloom at New Year in Shamley Green?  You may be amazed at how many you can find! And you can add your observations to a nationwide database.

The next New Year Plant Hunt organised by the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI for short) will run from Saturday 31st December 2022 to Tuesday 3rd January 2023.

Now in its twelfth year, the Hunt is contributing to our understanding of how wild and naturalised plants across Britain and Ireland are responding to a changing climate.

You don’t need to be an experienced botanist to take part – if you can spot the plants in flower, the BSBI will help you identify them, using an app on your phone to photograph and record what you see during a walk of no more than three hours. It's really interesting, and it's nice to feel you are part of a very worthwhile Citizen Science project!


Click here for more information and details of how to join, and do let us know how you get on!

UPDATE  Click here to see how we got on on our plant hunt around Shamley Green on 2nd January

Spring bulbs planted in Hullmead and Nursery Hill

Following on from last year’s successful wildflower and bulb planting on our main commons, some residents from Nursery Hill and Hullmead approached SGEG with some planting ideas for their parts of the village. Following discussion with the Parish Council and Waverley Borough Council during the summer, and a walk round with residents in July, a planting scheme was agreed.

Planting in Hullmead 26th Nov 2022.jpg

On Saturday 26th November a group of volunteers gathered to do the planting. A carpet of purple crocuses have been planted near the bus stop at the entrance to Nursery Hill. More daffodils have been planted along the B2128 near the Nursery Hill road sign and then more bulbs have been planted on the bank as the road divides in the estate. 

Daffodil bulbs have also been planted in Hullmead on the open piece of ground as the road bears right.

bulb planting Nursery Hill 2022.jpg

If you too would like to be involved with future projects, please do get in touch with us

via the contact us page

Girl planting bulbs at entrance to Nursery HIll - 26 Nov 2022.jpg

Yes, it has rained A LOT!

Our rain gauge showed 173.6 mm (nearly 7”) of rain fell in Shamley Green in November which is HUGE! Here are the rainfall figures we have recorded, with the Met Office average for Wisley for 1991-2020 in brackets:

rain gauge.jpg

July  3.75mm ( 49.30mm)

August 48.85mm (56.98mm)

September 62.28mm (

October 104.85mm (74.36mm)

November 173.60mm (73.76mm)

It's good news for the frogs and toads planning to make their arduous trip to our village ponds to breed next spring. At the moment with the depth gauge reading 0.5m there is a flow both in and out of the Duck Pond.

SG pond Nov 22.jpeg
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