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Litter and wildflife - litter can harm wildlife

We had a good example in May 2021: a duckling, 'Ringo', one of a clutch of 14 on the Duck Pond, got its head stuck inside a plastic ring, leaving it unable to feed properly.

Fortunately, it was eventually caught and the plastic removed. Claire Jenkinson, who had been keeping an eye on the ducklings, tells the story of the

Plucky Shamley Green Duckling

Duckling Rescue, Shamley Green 7.6.21.jpg
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Litter creates litter

Picking up litter in the village is really important because litter creates more litter - 'it's ok to drop litter if someone has done it before'. Many people regularly pick up litter in the village, perhaps near to where they live or on a particular stretch where they walk.


The Parish Council and Shamley Green Village Association have organised litter picks in the past and may have more in the future, and in 2023 SGEG ran a very successful Great Big Litter Pick


For a period of time the village had a 'lengthsmen for litter’ scheme, run by Patrick Mannix, whereby a group of volunteers removed litter in specific areas.  Longacre School and their Community Service Team have taken responsibility for collecting litter in an area around their school.

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Litter Bins - please take your rubbish home, especially if the bin is full!

There are several litter bins in Shamley Green provided by Waverley Borough Council, and the Council has been asked to provide public recycling bins. If you see the bins overflowing please report it to Waverley.

Fly tipping - notify the Council

If you come across items which have been fly tipped on common land, Waverley Council will remove them

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Dog Fouling

Dog fouling is unpleasant and can be dangerous, causing toxocariasis. Thankfully, there is much less dog mess than there used to be. Anyone who fails to clear up after their pet can be prosecuted.

Preventing dog fouling is a Waverley responsibility. They do have dog wardens so please do contact them if you are aware of problems.

You can report litter, fly tipping or dog fouling to Waverley Borough Council by clicking here, and notify the  Parish Clerk

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